13:07 —> Walked to office supply store a couple doors down, get gum.  Latte, 3 hardboiled eggs, and a sandwich, all I’ve consumed today.  Beautiful outside, fucking perfect running weather and I of course didn’t bring my running shit.

Not going to say I’m struck by a mood, but certainly a stall.  Nurse tells me she’s about an hour away from LAX, where her layover is.  Not positive if it’s LAX, but Los Angeles anyway.

Moving, and keeping the movement going no matter which way I am headed… made myself a cup.  Nurse messages me something funny I laugh and am even more anticipatory and eager and impatient to be with her.

13:13 = Another meeting… I have questions prepared, a couple, as well as some general comments and words, thoughts to share.  For the most part just plan on observing the other AM, Account Manager, do his thing.