Call done, rest of day should be a smooth sail.  Looking for elevator consultants. Not sure where to start.  JBL?  One of the companies?

Not that hungry…. Made myself some coffee.  Alone in the office, grateful.  Making some calls earlier.  Texts actually, starting new conversations.  

Staying with the Nurse in VV tonight, driving her to a friends early tomorrow morning for her Mexico trip.  And beyond that, nothing to write.  Nothing to think about other than how much I’ll miss her.  Stay busy, distracted…. Building this new composition, not saying here.

Report comes out, nothing activity.  Looks good.  Keep going.  The solitude of this office now fires me up, gives me like some lone wolf energy to thought shape.  How to word, who knows, just keep going I tel myself.

Every time you doubt yourself, talk to yourself.  And be harsh with the encouragement.  YOU ARE A CLIMATE TO YOURSELF… an atmosphere.  KEEP MOVING AND BUILDING AND LOVING.

Traffic this morning didn’t get to me, just enjoyed the chill beats, thought of seeing an old colleague tomorrow at a networking event.  I don’t like that word, networking, but that’s what it is.  No expectations or intentions, just conversation over wine.