Leaning on Kerouac’s pages, chapters from Dharma Bums…. Ceasing with worry, or even concern that’s warranted.  LIVING….

Over 1001 for day so this is more meditative than meant for page.  Meant to ease me, relax the writer, watching cars and pedestrians, crossing and rushing, dodging crazy Uber drivers.  This seat, my round little able at Starbucks, where the real work is done.  On ME.

Saw something posted, earlier, about being the CEO of your own life.  Honestly.. sounds a little expected or overused, but it had me inventorying myself and emotions, people in my life and the emotions they bring about.

Wrote last night, “New conversations, new understandings – PAGES.” Completely forgot I scribbled that before bed.  Must have been that Oliver’s Own Zin.  Surprised how good it was, so I had another glass close to laying my right ear on that “We Harvest Love Here” pillow.

Internet is terrible here.  Can’t post anything.  Shit… definitely leaving office early.  Will get a glass of wine at Monti’s or something in Santa Rosa, haven’t been there since the Kerri days… will post a bit then of course later when in the Skyhawk nook.