Everything from every angle.  Just one of those mornings.

Meditation helping, seeing Jack and Emma first thing… Jack telling me about All Stars, Emmie wanting her waffles, then a piece of the banana bread Nurse made.

Aurelius, one note, then another, speaking directly to me this morning… contentment of mind, quality of thought…. Appropriate dismissal of some voices.  No longer engaging in certain dances.

Mental health…. ZEN.

Learning about this new sales story, and the collective dynamic.  Noticing things that I didn’t before.  So what I do with this new knowledge, no idea.

Slow at work, must be the 4th.  I’ll take it.  Could use the eased pace.  This morning started fast, intense, but it was empowering and frankly a rush.

Forgot about… never mind.  Talking to myself here in the office, messaging back and forth with my LA counterpart.

Nothing much else to note this morning. Meeting at 11, oh yeah.  Nice place on Dutton.  Brunch, I guess.  Haven’t been there in a while, so I guess that’s something to look forward to… right?