No driving today, thank EVERYTHING.

What a week…. Tuesday, then Wednesday in the city, then yesterday to and fro from Fremont.  Today, easy… no extra exertion.

Working on the MAP, not much movement.  Keeping everything or as much as I can in place, where it is.  Stationed.

Kids upstairs, Emma done with breakfast and Kerouac playing his game for a bit.

“Different mind needed today.” Just wrote in the new journal.  What that means not sure yet.  Text the nurse, sip coffee… relax and acknowledge what’s in my control.  And more than control just what I can influence..

Scattered feeling then singularize on this page, this post, the blog.  Meeting yesterday in the morning which was incredibly helpful, useful in the Multifamily-verse, and concerning personal branding…. More ideas.

Jack asking for breakfast..

I set it for him and am back down here, at the desk.  Desperate for some pinch of productivity.  It feels wrong… why do I always have to be “doing something”?

Coffee done, need more.  Receipts done, MAP tended to.  A little short but… never mind.  Had to turn on heater, cold down here and still overcast, looking in mail for… and nothing.