And the Stoic stroke of Personhood and perceptive brush.  No reacting, except with laughs.  It’s all funny.  Especially sales….  Do I look for—  No, don’t even say it.  It’s the mood, this temperament.  I’m reacting too much.  Dad’s lecture ringing – UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…..

Zen, finally reached.



Kids done with dinner.  Well, Henry still picking, snacking.  Me measuring next week, the next couple days and into next weekend.  Prospecting attacks.  And yes tonight I’m using that word.  More aggression while increasing kindness and softness of syllables.

Nurse texts me, then again.


Kitchen closed.  Texts from nurse making me laugh.  Dinner with her here at the loft on Monday.  No idea what she’s going to cook but she sent me a menu and asked me to pick…. How do I do that when everything looks amazing and I’m thinking, “Wait, this isn’t going to be at a restaurant?” She has that toolkit, skill and acuity.

She’s choosing, so… I win either way.  Grateful.

Mood so much better.  No emphasis tonight on money or business, at least not now.  Just my kids, the pace and peace of the night, that the week is done.