Didn’t write anything yesterday.  Have excuses, most of which are associated with exhaustion from the prior day, but no need to note.

Had a call this morning at 08:00.  Talking with a guy I met in DC, he with his own CRE tech company, one of the speakers the first full day.  Loved what he suggested for me in terms of brand-building and getting away from selling, listing “features” as he said, speaking only in products and services.

That call may have changed everything in this new story, with this new company… how I write and my AE approach to blogging and being a single dad… Shit, I think everything, seriously.

Jack and Emma upstairs in the loft while I work and set up for day, even though I’m only going to be here for a bit after they leave.  I’m headed to the Fremont office for a company lunch.  Never been, so I’m looking forward to seeing our only other Nor Cal base.

Needing my glasses but trying to work without them.

Average, .711.  Thought it’d be lower than that, much lower actually after not writing as much lately.