Emma home, won’t stop talking ‘bout the great time she had at her 1st sleepover.

Breakfast for all of us, Starbucks.  Jack asking again if today is a “chill day”.  I say f course it is, remind him his hot chocolate is getting cold.  He tells me he’ll do touch-and-go’s on it, and that he likes chocolate milk as much as hot chocolates.

Henry doesn’t finish his donut, I have a couple bites then stop myself.  Can’t remember the last time I bit into one.  Gross.

Small pile of receipts. Not sure how far into them I’ll get with the assault of Henry on his older siblings, taunting Jack and throwing something at Emma relaxing in the Grandpa chair.  And there he goes again, back into the loft, but it looks like he’s trying to apologize to Emma.  I think…

Latte tastes funny.  Finishing receipts and doing budget and moving a bit of money for business and other, I’m eliminating coffee outings and dining, nearly altogether.