Emma at her first sleepover.  Mother of the birthday girl starting a group text and very prompt and punctual with communication and pictures.  So much appreciation from me because I’m a mess.  Yes, was looking forward to and having fun with our first ever boys night in the loft, but …. My baby girl, she’s not here.

Watching a Giant’s game while Henry plays with a toy firetruck wearing the fire hat given to him at the Pride event on the Green, by a Sonoma County Firefighter, not sure where she’s based.

Relaxed, ravenously waiting for the next set of texted pictures of my girl.  Emma wearing her Daddy’s Sonic hat, smiling in the pic, silly.

Notes on diet – veggie scrambler this morning, the one my wife and I used to order.  No lunch, some snacking when home from taking Emmie to party – cheese & crackers, small pickles, nuts.  No dinner for me planned.  Of course the boys’ll get plates, but me just picking.  Workout in morning, weights while Henry sleeps.  More than likely Jack’ll be up early.