6-10-23 ::: 12:25 took kids out for brunch as I promised last night.  Played outside, football as Jack and Emma

both requested where I’m the Q and they go back and forth on possession.  4 straight downs and of course you can play the 4th and if you don’t convert then flip the field.

Inside now with AC, tired, all of us. Hit the espresso in coffee corner, a double.  Conversation with self, centering, meditation, all in a gratitude growl.  Beautiful in Windsor today.  Emma to her first sleepover and I don’t know how I feel.  Joking last night with everyone that the boys are going to party, but I miss her already.  And she’s just sitting over there, in Dad’s old chair.

A mess over that little girl, and her brothers.  This is my job, my work of life’s work’s work and production – being Daddy to these little humans.

Playing outside, their faces, how happy they are…. Teaching me again, the same lesson as other weekends or partial weekends, whatever you’d call them with this silly arrangement.  They, the happiness definition.  Denotation and conno’.

Collection, thoughts, quiet, still, no writing but still writing.