08:26 clock-in.  Kids up, Jack already having breakfast.  Quick … now just sipping espresso slow looking out the window….. What you learn about characters, how that puts the relationship in one tributary of mood or emotion or another.

Looking on Teams, several people out.  Must be in DC recovery mode still.  I’m about there, think after today I should be back to somewhat of a normal Mike.  Should get a run in later, if I can.  Still need to shop for the kids but can bring them with me if need be.

Meditation, like I did at the Reagan airport in DC, not letting myself move but just stare out at a parked plane, focus on breaths, ignoring everything around me just feeling my place and where I am in the space.

Meeting 24 minutes away.  Desk a mess again, but I don’t react.  Receipts, post-it’s with domain name ideas and other reminders… baycareaproptech.com, one I chose to buy.  Stopping there, not tempted by any other idea, refusing to violate my value of singularity, simplicity, consolidation.

MAP notes…. Kids quiet.  Now, coffee.  Grateful, how did I get this lucky…