08:38.  All except Jack of course, sleeping in.  Laundry going… no breakfast requests, yet.  Committed to fasting, me, without any chance of fail.

Heading to Sonoma with kids later, dinner plans unknown but my thinking is nowhere near that part of the day yet.

New conversation yesterday, thinking about it a little, but not much.  Again, and I don’t know if it’s from new Stoic ways, but not much is getting to me.  Not much is either upsetting or worrying me.  And the freedom associated, wonderful.  Why didn’t I discover this in my fucking 20s?  Would be in a different place, more than likely.  That too, not developing too much in the way of thought.

Readying for the DC trip, and promise to document the entire thing.  As I remember, I have the whole day to myself when there, then dinner with the team at night somewhere in the hotel I believe.  I have to fit in a run, at least 5 miles since I haven’t run since, what was it, Tuesday?  No excuse, I should have done at least 5k the following day in the city and the last two days here at home.  Working on it…