Dinner of course done, winding down.  No early game tomorrow, thankfully, but sadly.  I miss the early and hectic Saturday mornings… getting ready and rushing to the field, going back and forth with little Henry from Jack’s game then Emma’s, hitting the snack shack and then…

Reflective tonight, noticing and stark and significant shift in my character…. Not getting stressed or frazzled, or worried.  The anxiety I felt months ago is defected, dejected, and if it were here it’d be effortlessly rejected.

Me…. new wholeness and Composition of ME.  Thankfully.. gratitude invades my way.

Call yesterday from….  Changing EVERYTHING.  These devils too, like the anxiety, just gone.  I’m with me.. relationship with me.  And yes, devil, in love with ME.

New conversation… curiously magnetic, amiable, I don’t know.  I’m beyond guarded and cynical.  Maybe not a cynic, but a skeptic for sure.  And honestly, a relationship, or even new friends or people or any class of character, just not important.

I love me, my kids, nights like tonight where we have dinner just relax with no early wake pressure.

Grateful, gratitude.. like a storm I don’t want to pass.

New story, words, back and forth.. interesting.