Utterly insane how quiet the day got.

Out of shower, sparkling water ‘cause I don’t think I’d survive anymore caffeine.  Getting kids soon and I can’t wait for their chaos and questions and bickering to be here.  Miss them terribly.  To the point of honestly losing sleep.  Asked their mother last night to send me some pics of them and she did and it only made me miss them more.

Leaving here a quarter to 5.  Can’t come soon enough.

Need a distraction…. Wine and the wine industry, talking last night at the table with Mom and Dad and Katie about the wines we had on the table.  The 100pt Pride Mountain Cab then the Ridge Cab.  Both different, both beautiful, both making me want to leave tech and go back to wine.

Of course, I won’t.  That would be utter career and business and EVERYTHING suicide.

But dreaming, in any event. One day soon having a small label in addition to what I do in tech/internet.  Today defining itself in a blending of everything, of consistent with my About EVERYTHING mode and model.

All days instruct, all days tell you something.  I’m told to find material in what’s right in front of me.  AGAIN.