Just need one client to start…. I’ll prospect a little today.

Need to treat myself as more of a client than author, or self-published voice.  I want to put more down on this house that I initially intended or was planned.

Wrote company name on first legal sheet.  If those are “legal sheets”.  Transferred money, more to business and house….  Quiet, sipping latte, letting thoughts revolve around my sight and immediate space.  Thinking about the 1A students, what I’ve advised and wondering if I’m following that, at all….  Self-doubt grips me this morning.  It’s fine, it’ll pass, I know.

Posted something on Facebook for the blogging practice, see if it connects.  Then I have another idea on how to get word out, or at least gather prospects.  Stop thinking about it, just embody the work I remind myself.  Speaking to self like SELF is a student, one complaining about not being able to reach past page three and their stuck and it’s hard to write about myself blah blah blahblahblah….  Staying in chair, converting this AE story to something else.  Watch, I say to Self.

9:46… already?  Time just moves as it chooses, nothing I can do but get old and try to work more.  Feeling yesterday’s five miles more than in past.  Why, ‘cause I’m old.  Stop saying that, people close to me always order and scold.  Understood…. Just know it’s in head, in thoughts, literally everyday.

Break for a second, think about texting someone but won’t.  NO.

Writing about wine… need to more, I know.  The SoCo Pinot that I had last night, St. Francis of course.  Spilled the rest out this morning since tonight I know I’ll want something different.  Like what.  May need to go shopping, hit Oliver’s.. find something small production, obscure or weird or just unknown to me and/or others.