Shower, dressed, espresso of course, news telling me about the weather.  How “cold” it is out there.  Not allowing self to work at house or office.  Starbucks or Acre, or Redwood Café, somewhere.  Fighting any potential for repetition or pattern today, ANY.

Already wanting to turn off that goddamn TV.  Commercials annoying me as they did months ago.  7:43, not rushing.  Another sip, thinking.  About what.  A hotel, travel, Sunriver or Santa Barbara.  TRAVEL.  Going anywhere.  Chris mentioning how years ago he and his then-girlfriend went out to the Mendocino Coast a few times, telling me it’s just an hour and a half or so beyond where we were when he told me, which was at Roederer.  Me not having anything close to a girlfriend now, nor do I want or need one, so I thought of taking Mike Madigan out there for a writer’s getaway.

Have told anyone I’ve told anything to about the shift I’m “dating Mike Madigan”.  Keep that firm, stone, carved and confirmed.  Taking this into my sales efforts, into the AE story.  Wrote prospecting targets for the day but will absolutely go beyond that as well.  Not getting interrupted today, no way.


Happiness and its composition entails simplification, consolidation.  That’s what I’m doing, not just with projects and objects but attention and attitude even more crucially.  Just a bit after 8, not yet ready to head out gate.  Relax, I tell myself.  Enjoy your espresso.  Is there a different Starbucks I can go to?  Just need to find new leads…. “Leads 10/12/21” I’ll title the doc.  Make more of a project out of it like I always say I’ll do.  Lawyers, doctors, construction companies, Architecture firms… EVERYTHING.

Writing about sales and not just the comedy but how the stress is SO avoidable.  Especially now coming out of covid.  Know what you sell, which I do AND have a Sales Engineer to supplement knowledge, so it’s on me.  How I prospect and put SELF out there. Sound trite, but it’s absolutely accurate.

Shop for kids this weekend even though Mom took care of much of that.  Cereal, some more snacks.. HEALTHY snacks mind you.  Told Jack I would get him a new football in our FaceTime call last night, as well as a surprise I have planned.  Not stating here as I know some readers are some people, which is fine, just keeping the truth under a silence cloak for now.

Nervous about my flight next week.  WHY???  Like Mom said, I grew up on an airplane. And weren’t you just writing about travel and how much you want to?  Flying into Portland and having a couple hours layover I think.  Hope that have some microbreweries in the airport close to my gate, ha ha….  Looking forward to the running in Sunriver, my route, the view of the mountain, dinner in Bend, the wildlife….