7:50am, 9/24/21

Santa Rosa, CA.

Writing at my desk or dining room table desk in Skyhawk.  Day off as an AE, but with a lot to get done personally and for Bottledaux.  

Just took last sip of double espresso made here.  What else can I do, get done before heading to…..  Just remembered, lunch at noon in Sebastopol.

Office supply store, have to hit that up for a business cards container, nothing else.  Clean this desk area, for sure.  Surprised I’m up this early.  Quiet.  Time to collect.  A day off, I actually did it.

One more shot made, and soon to be out door.  Looking out this big window and the day is speaking to me through images. Sky, trees, birds, other houses.  Hit espresso quick, then leave I tell myself.