Called and left message for a prospect.

Have pricing approved and I know he’ll take it.  Not sure what to do now… stay in chair, again having that discussion with myself.

Another cup, and hearing voices to left from a meeting in the big room.  Quiet otherwise in the office.

Music back on, in ears….  Being About EVERYTHING circling in and around everything I see.. phone and coffee cup, wallet.  Thinking and deliberation has become an enemy.  Should just be writing, living…. Kids this weekend… then after that, work.  Building this blog into something monumental.. its own monument.  Want it to help people…. Focus on Health and Happiness, Mental Health since covid hit and now where we don’t know if it’s fading, or coming back, or some new variant will be all over news and we’ll just be cocooned in uncertain.

Not letting anything stress me today.  Not like yesterday, which was rough except for the later hours, like 3pm onward… beer at Union Hotel, then dinner with parents, then back at house for a glass of wine and some light writing.  The day rewarded me for surviving the stress, or facing it.. something.

Spinning now, indecision.. then ideas.