Another rough day, challenging, but it settles.

One contract sure to come in from earlier call, and just set up another call with Sales Eng’ tomorrow.  Time for wine, I’m thinking.  But where.  Just got back to house.

Quick break… to check… well, I can’t tell….

Have to spend less time working at home.  Right now I should be at Acre, or the Farmers Starbucks.  Or KIN in Windsor.  Was just up there actually to get some documents and thought about swinging by KIN for a quick beer, but didn’t.  Had to do this call only to have him not pick up.  Called him 8 minutes late.  Maybe he’s like that.  3 o’clock or nothing, fucker.

Know I have to work on my stress and reactive ways.  “Don’t give so many fucks” that one Senior AE said to me at our SF lunch before covid.

What I’m feeling right now, mood and all perceptive shapes… could fill a book.  Could be several books.  Right now, annoyed by some clients.  Some people.  Then, relief that the day’s closing.  Hate that I’m like that now, that I love EOD and Fridays, the weekend.  I should be in love with every day …