In Sonoma early, writing and budgeting projects.  Great tasting yesterday Lambert.  Only bought 4 bottles, an SB and Malbec for me and same for Mom and Dad.  After going to Healdsburg and lunching at Bravas.  Never eaten there but had a drink years ago, beer I believe on their famous back patio area.

This week, new plan.  All conversations, in the Field and online.  Writing the AE story more and all the sales humor that lately has commanded and mended thoughts.  Getting here I was in a rush to open laptop, feeling anxious or… I don’t know.  Told self to calm the fuck down and log yesterday’s spends and attach a little justification note to each, making a project from spending, budgeting, money.  Writing a book on money, me… huh.  We’ll see.  Dad could, but I don’t know about this Beatnik.

9:38 and don’t have to leave this coffee stop, Peet’s, for at least 45 minutes.  I prefer getting to the TR early and setting up what little there is to do and getting in a few paragraphs…. This book, forming, especially after yesterday and last night with a new friend, C, having a single glass of Rosé at Beer Baron then walking around downtown, listening to a little music at Belly or whatever that bar is.  Were’n there long, walked around some more..  Another new conversation, another new interaction and intersection.

Older man to left was talking to an older chap, the latter leaving about 15 minutes ago.  I’m going to be that age one day, I know.  Work quicker, I tell myself.  Write more freely, no deliberation.  Time keeps instructing and offering lesson but I’m not sure I’m a good student.  Certain shapes and paths, back-and-forth’s are finally done, then new pages pile.  This week I need to write everything, and no lunch runs.  Stay at the desk or table be it at the office or at a Starbucks or Acre coffee, or at the Mountain Hawk house.

Just heard the old guy say, “You could freeze your tail off in here…”, to a new guy that just joined him.  Older than this writer but younger than him.  Thought about asking the barista if she could turn down the AC, but I don’t want to be that character.  Write through it, I tell myself.

Poetry on mind, poetry and poetic presence and practice.  Thought about sending someone a text but returning to page, looking around this room and floor between sentences and paragraphs.  Last night and the live music, remembering my thoughts on music and if I go back to making music or writing about it.  Brought new Comp Book… the one titled “Glad Freedom”.  Verses today… at least one but would love to hit 3.. in fact, after this entry.

Caffein sensitivity different, definitely than what it was.  Look up from another forcefully pull from cup, where did all the people go?  That one girl and her friend, the couple whom I’d guess were visiting from Maine or something.  How far away is my condo from this place?  One listing I saw was just down the street I think, across the street from Train Town.  My urgency and inner-push to get there is nearly compromising… tie that in with the AE story, and the #professormikey story, Bottledaux of course which is king over all I’m doing, EVERYTHING.  Writing about Mike Madigan removedly here in Sonoma this morning..t he type of writer he is, business bloke, father, runner, human, whatever else.  MUSICIAN….