9:16, parents awake and me with one more shot.

Gorgeous outside, something like high 50s or low 60s, people out walking, no hint of a cloud or haze or any of that goddamn smoke.  Just a seductive and beguiling blue.  Went to ATM, budget set for today but of course the goal is to finish well under.  Two bottles at Lambert Bridge, well two for me and two for parents both of whom are up now like I just said but forgot (ha ha…) and reading the paper in their usual spots – Dad the leather chair and Sue/Mom the couch.  Me at my desk space in living room, or dining room, not sure what you call it.  Is there a difference between dining and living rooms?  Isn’t dinning part of living?  Overthought I know but I’m having fun with it.

Thought of looking at condos and I will in a second, just letting self enjoy the morning and this new story, this new Mike Madigan – liberated and newly initiated.  The espresso working quick and now syncing with the double I had earlier. Distract self… condos… townhouses.  What’s the difference again…?

Sales and Marketing…. Marketing and Sales, and narrative… Bottledaux as of today a Sales and Marketing and Narrative orbit.  Have to develop, but that’s where I see this going.  What’s the secret sauce as it were… don’t know that either.  Maybe tasting in Dry Creek today will instruct me as the CEO or President or ‘Chief Blogging Whatever’ – really like that title actually – what to do.