The first sip of the espresso made here on my deific machine tastes better than any other first sip.

Not sure why..  Maybe that it’s TODAY, an entire day to self and the first half spent with Nick, a new friend and referral partner from the Sonoma County Execs group I’m hoping to join.  Going to Dry Creek, only one spot scheduled.  Possible lunch after.  Bit more budgeting to do for Mike Madigan, the business, personal parcels, and other.

Bottledaux and this Blogger Attic (#bloggerratik) idea… where everything by everyone about EVERYTHING is blogger, learning from others’ lives and experiences…..  again not really sure what Bottledaux is other than a blog and publishing place not so much platform ….  Thoughts buzzing around me or soaring in circles like those Turkey Vulture swarms I’d see around the eucalyptus trees on San Carlos Avenue growing up, in San Carlos of course.

Not letting self go past 199 words.  “199 and STOP”, on the office wall.  Why 199…. don’t know.  Like the number for some reason.  Looks interesting and is a good border, aim.  Word counts have always been funny to me, like with essays I assign or writing submissions.  Silly, honestly.