Just realized I’m in this room with no music.

Went for walk to get more coffee and use restroom.  In the WC there was jazz playing, low volume, sounding like one of Coltrane’s jam sessions or takes of a song.  So I came back and invited Mr. Coltrane to join me.

No egregious mood today, nor yesterday.  Having it remain that way… mission to get condo sooner rather than later.  My writing studio.. MINE.  Receive an email treating my humor but I ignore it.

Building Bottledaux… one conversation after another.  Second cup of coffee, no latte this morning, thankfully.  Why do I still get those things?  $6.05 a piece, if I get 4 shots which I more often than not do.  So no money spent today, yet.  Will try and make lunch at home too.  So with $6.05, and let’s say $20… $26 for Bx.

Once I have my office, then what.  I keep having dreams about it, and daydreaming when here in office or on a call, in the leads meeting this morning it totally swam through my sight.

Errands to run today.  I hate errands normally, but these are encouraging stops that need be made.  Feeling tired …