Should be looking for new business but not. Not in the mood. Tired still.

Coffee is working a bit, but not much.  Dinner with kids tonight, which I am MIORE than looking forward to.  Change in communicative texture of MAF.  Going to stop emailing her.  Already told her I don’t want any further text communication.

Just want this all to be over, to be in my condo.  Making it my entire purpose in life and everything to get OUT of parents’ house.  I do look forward to dinners with them, but the day-to-day….  I just want my own office, MY place.  I’ll get there, I know, just on my mind a lot lately and every time I communicate with MAF my mood sinks to a new low with new sense and mood attached.

Forgetting it.  All of it.  Focusing on happiness and this new story.  May need to fit in a nap, somehow.  Wine last night, too late.  My doing. But not tonight.  

Only 9:42?  Fuck, the morning is moving slow, like a large sea turtle on Nyquil.  Not wishing the day to move quick, just something to happen.

So make it, I hear Self command.