Wine Control

Kids gone, now I can write.  I mean, I wrote while they were here, but now… no interruptions or breaks in the laps around the page.  About to go get tonight’s wine, and maybe another.  The dream of the wine shop wine business wine something invades me thinking, all valleys and hillsides of it.

What am I thinking… Cabernet, or Merlot… A Zin?  No… blend?  Maybe.  Pinot… meh.

The urge to write and finish the book have met feeling heavy, nearly anesthetized, or high, drunk, something.  I’m seeing what I want, what I need in this book and with wine, as a writer, this new Mike Madigan.  The one during and post-shift.  Traveling.. life and growth, producing something, a story and more than that, a lesson to self… stacking notebooks in my apartment, walking to the coffee stop getting a latte coming back and reviewing notes from a tasting I went to the prior night.

Didn’t writ eon that judging I did a couple months ago at the Ledson Hotel for the Sonoma County Film festival.  Wine, wine, stay in wine I tell myself. Everything in her Road and momentum, music and speak.

Dad in office at his computer, reminding me that I need to invade this time after kids’ departure.  That I need to BUILD.  Move quicker…

Thinking of a couple wines for the night.  No decision, just… going back and forth.  No fault or folly.  I sneeze and Mom says “Bless you my child.” I say thank you and laugh a little.  Humor in wine, of course.  It doesn’t have to always, or really fucking ever, be serious.  Have fun with it, with her, or whatever.  Make music with her.  Yes… on the way to the store, The Doors… breaking through to that other side, FINALLY.  Love Street…

Two wines, but having something Mom and Dad selected.  Colombia Valley SB and a Siminici Red Blend, 2013.  Just tasted it, and it’s something I’ll have to write about.  I can feel the wine-writing avalanche about to land at this desk, in this living room.  Everything extends from wine, I thought at Oliver’s… walking the isles there be it cereal or the lotions and soaps, sparkling waters, made me think of walking rows in vineyard block, blocks.