…is that reminds me of the sides of buildings in a mill district like in Bend, Oregon.

12:13… Have about 3 hours to work.  Writing, the book, SEEING more of Mike Madigan, this latest draft that took over 15 years to finish.  And I’m still not done.  Sip water down about a quarter of glass length, push lemon cut further into the band of iced shapes.  LoFi beats in ears – Water and words.  The afternoon young, and then what does the writer do after this, besides some project I need to finish with Dad.

Thought about getting brunch or something to eat here, but not hungry just yet.  More just wanting to see where my thoughts are, where I’m going with this blog and business and publishing vision, dream, whatever it is.  Every though logged….  The condo in Sonoma, drive to Santa Barbara either by self or with a friend.  Thinking by myself is more a healthy beat for the writing, MY life’s work.

Emailed students… see how long it takes to be texted a question that has a blaringly obvious answer.  Shouldn’t say that, but I feel like that’s the case, most of the time.