Contract submitted, emails sent, expenses and time sheet done.

Moving quick this morning, here on Farmers.  The truth for this Tuesday is ME – my story, my steps, my music and Beat.  Nothing will break the fortitude I’ve established this morning, not even me or some mood that finds me.  It’s all comedy, comedic… humor in storms and avalanches of jokes that just dance and circle on my shoulders, in thinking.

Talk with Mom and Dad last night about theology and humanity, destiny… again puts me in new perceptive ways.  What I want, the kids, my life’s work, watching a man walk out of this shop with a drink in each hand dressed in a suit, tie, perfect slacks… and me over here the Beatnik with a collared shirt of a distorted collar and jeans, Sketcher shoes.  The contrast tells me something.  Not sure what.

Texted IT partner about the 4-site deal, but nothing yet.  It is only 9:05, so…..  Should have worked on some of this stuff yesterday honestly, but here I am.  When am I going to get in a run, wake early and hit the pavement.  Only thing stopping me is ME and my laziness.  So change.