At coLAB now.  Letting the room speak to me.  Not doing much chewing this gum and waiting for an idea to douse me.

Message a friend then back to this…the AE story.  Friend messages, tells me she’s hungover.  I have to snicker a bit ‘cause I woke this morning feeling like a storm of eagerness and certainty.  I will get what I want with Bottledaux, as soon as I settle on what it is.

Still chewing gum… looking at something, startup news and reports.  Life short, shorter than short I was just reminded.  2:21… When should I leave?  Don’t think about that now I tell myself.

Start a couple more conversations, hoping this other contract comes in but again comes that quiet.  Then I hit that wall again, and stall.. am still.  Shit.  Grocery shopping for self, for week in a bit… budgeting only $50.  An exercise of sorts, see how I do. 

Not feeling these LoFi beats.  Need something more, more substantial, somethingggg…. No idea.

Thinking more about business and how to build it, how to make Bottledaux be fully alive, walking around, a beautiful Marketing & Sales Frankestein. Still at coLAB and not leaving till something strikes me – then something does, and with a full and fervent force.

Concentration beginning to slide and slip anywhere but to prospecting… ugh.  See only one other person in this big room with me.  Leaving at 3:30 I reason.

Focus cracks again… yes I should just leave, call the day early.  13 minutes.  Then what.

3:48, now not concentrating at all, checking messages and listening to different music, the Chef soundtrack again.  Should leave, and will. Need a glass of SB, from somewhere.  Here I go with the indecisiveness.  Again.