And going to be up late.  Will telly you later, in the book not here, why.  About to take a double shot of espresso to the face.  Watching Giant’s vs. Dodgers with Jack, Emma in the other room talking to her grandfather while he shows her pictures of the Oregon house and little fixer projects he’s doing.

Running in the morning.  OR, wait… maybe not.  I’l see.

Shot of espresso made, just had first sip.  Giants and Dodgers going into extra innings.  Kids in bed.  TV distracting me.  The shift in a new stage, again elaborated in book.  3-day weekend.  No real plans other than this time with kids here at Mom and Dad’s.

Feeling the exhaustion from day.  Need another sip of the espresso shot.  Done.. need to make it last as long as I can.  Small sips, and keep it on that filling bay, on the machine.

No wine tonight, and my feeling is eased, yes tired but with a heightened contraction and sharpness to my observations and survey of objects and ideas, topics.

The book will entail elaboration.  Everything, from what the shift really is to this new character and form of Mike Madigan. Seeing everything, hence the title, o/ver – Oh, to see….


11:24, Giants win in I think the 11th.  Nearing time for bed, but I’m using the quiet… noting ideas under this paragraph that I won’t post to blog – this new story, other characters and voices.

Kids asleep.  Me at the counter, needing some water.  No music, just quiet.  Need characters, dialogue… story new, script.  Mona, my character… barely drew her.  Maybe there’s a reason.. I need to draw Mike Madigan, this new draft, and Bottledaux as a REAL business and company, tech startup or whatever before thinking of another beat on page.