9:57… Latte sipped slow.

Nothing happening, so researching some things.  Noting everything.. more than just the magic of the meta like I say in class, but…. More.  MORE than I’ve ever though to be present or claim to understand.  Thought from earlier walking around this office seeing it as mine, my company and my idea.  Obviously it’s not but I know Bottledaux WILL be this one day.

Connectivity, a certain blogger and self-publishing/publishing revolution.  Using or migrating Sonic’s principles and theses to my pages and my “platform”—hate that word.  CONVERSATION.  Better.

Researching startups in the Bay Area… more than I thought. Like, so many more.  Wow.  A bit overwhelming but start with one.  Look into. Like learning to speak and walk all over again.  This building and the backpack, home aside… my brain is the office.  The startup.  New pages…

Conversation and connection… something there, but what.  Symbol of the bottle… nothing to do with wine but EVERYTHING with connection.  Yes this blog started out as a follow-up wine blog to ‘mikeslognoblog’, but now a new life layers itself in poetic roar and revelation.


10:07, lunch with an IT partner in less that two hours.  Continuing research later.  Possible obstacle discovered with something, put pushing to side and out of head, not letting it pull my concentration into any trench or influence mood.  Finding more than just simple humor in it but more so a loud reach of comedy.