8:57 and in chair at office.  Calls to make, then writing, then planning next week.  I’m spinning and spinning in my own head, trying to stop it.  Then I had this idea about Bottledaux and how it becomes a company.  Media, yes… publishing, of course, but interaction.  A certain social dynamic, like discussion boards but more.  I’m just learning this new idea and possibility now.  And, minimalism.  Talking with students last night about Samantha Irby’s work and how truthful and strong she is… that can be built upon.

9:01… have to start calls in a bit.  Cleaned out backpack a little.  Hoping to lug it around less and less, to be honest.  And not carry both laptops with me as I am today.  Why did I bring the personal?  Typing on the AE right now.  Sales still slow, trying to push these people to pen their contract page.  More frustrating than…. No idea.

Left one voicemail…  this guy’s been dragging FOREVER.  Though about a week or so ago he was all hot to trot, telling me to shoot over the contract and he’ll have it completely by the end of the day.  What day was he referring to, I now joke to myself.  Comedy and humor is a weapon, against stress and anger and sadness, all of this.  Offered that idea to students last night in talking about Irby’s book.

Next call…..

9:47, several calls later taking a break. No one answering.  Keep forgetting it’s a long weekend.  Labor day.  I’ll be working, on this newest image and idea of consolidating and blending everything.