If you don’t know what to create, stop.  Don’t pressure yourself.  Let the Now give you the right hue.

Watching Starsky & Hutch.  Again.  I need something funny tonight.  I need a new writing direction… I need a volume of the newest of Newness.

I want to be funny, funny like my son Jack.  He just talks shit to me or his mother and I laugh.  I mean, it’s assured.

Write more freely, I keep reminding myself.  There is no excuse for “writer’s block” or any kind of bullshit excuse as to why you can’t put a paragraph together.  Oh my god I’m moody. Again.

AE to Bottledaux…. This week has to be mammoth, historic.  If not, I need to drastically shift and as much asI hate to say it, pivot.

Write less, live more…

Fuck, it’s almost 10 already?  Time is attacking… just sip your Pinot Mike, let it do what it does.  Live as much as you can as the numbers climb.

Hate being away from the babies…. Melissa sending me bath time pictures of little Henry in the actual bath in one of those baby chairs like the one Emma had.  Henry and his expressions, laugh and look when you talk directly to him.  More than a book, a career….  Why am I not writing about them more.  I will, I will.

One last glass of Pinot, and I want a winery, a wine shop.. to do something with wine and publishing and tech, people, community, Sonoma County, music… fucking all of it.  How was this bottle only $16?

This movie is fucking hilarious, will never get old to me.  EVER.  I. Need more laughs, more comedy, I need to laugh more when I’m told I shouldn’t when Jack says something sarcastic and antagonistic to me or his mother.