Pinot, weekend closing.

Time with kids today, everything I need and the perfect catalyst and lit wick.  The nap earlier while the ballgame was one, turned low so the perfect background noise level and contribution, helped immensely.

Watching some reality show, and I don’t understand it.  Real Housewives of somewhere.  Seriously, why the fuck am I watching this?  Conversation last night and into early morning with friend on mind still, about life and careers… pursuits and passion.  Interesting me more than most chords of late.

Bought this bottle today at Oliver’s for I want to sat $15,99 maybe.  Not resounding or telling me to do anything in particular, but perfect for now, today, me tired and just anting to relax before starting the week.  While pulling out of this house’s driveway and heading to the other house, I felt eager to start he week, to meet my Monday tomorrow, and I realized this, questioned it a bit, “This is interesting…”, I said to myself.

So in beginning the week I plot in head what I want – yes sales of course but something else.  A message, again. Message to self, and the entirety of my entireties.

Trying to sip every minute of this quiet, in a slow and intimate, cellularly adhered oscillation.  Coming from wine, from imagining my kids in the office with me, drawing plans and thinking about where the company could go next.  What we should try…. They tell me to play in this day and int he future, in the office, I see them doing the same.  Walking a vineyard with me, talking about the vines, and what we all want to do next.  Only possibility, and play. 

Then I think, write what I’ve lived.  And today, it was all them – the kids.  Their faces and slow pace in morning, Henry climbing all over me and pointing at things, and his siblings.  Time moving, and me trying to catch and capture it.  Here on Bottledaux, and wherever.  I’m hurt by it, how quick it moves, but I won’t allow it to shift my concentration or weaken me.