Budget, just had a half a tuna salad sandwich from Oliver’s.  Sipping sparkling water and watching Giants-A’s game.

Budget done, all receipts and one random business card, and a post-it thrown away.  Finally the wallet is thin again.  Need to hit an ATM and pay self for week.  Tired, didn’t sleep that well last night.  Actually didn’t sleep well at all.  May take quick nap with the game in background.  Getting rid of clutter, in the budge and elsewhere.  Simplicity.  That’s how a writer ought live if they’re to be fully and fundamentally focused on their pages.

More papers to shred or just rip up and throw away in other room.  Tomorrow’s project, one of them.  This morning with all three kids upstairs and little 11 month old Henry getting into everything, going after everything, having his first little game of catch with me.  I need to write more about them, about me as a Dad.. a parent, writing father.  There is a line of books there, in those three small voices and faces.  No more distractions, from anything, anywhere.

Mentioning of baseball greats, from black & white picture days.  Huh… how will my picture be seen, mentioned.