At Windsor Starbucks, and only one laptop. Staying in AE story all day.

Not deviating… not even to go for a run.  Already sent in reports, a couple emails.  Looking for new business….  Slow down though.  Already have leads and prospects to address.  It’s a Monday, so I don’t want to come out swinging too hard, too quick.

Staying here for a bit longer then back to house.  Can’t make calls here, and I do want to be on the phone today.  That I can think of, waiting on three responses to proposals.  Don’t wait, I tell myself.  Forget about them.  Find new business.  Another AE told me where to look, this one part of the Bay Area not getting much attention.

7 days left in month.  I have to put something on the board in that time.  Everything to this story, the AE beat.  Touch all leads and numbers and contacts and possibilities. Something has to happen.  THIS, is the story. This is the music, the walk.

Only notes throughout the day, no long stretches of prose.  9:22, when home, reach out to lead from last week, guy with site in Santa Rosa and Sacramento.  Pick up the phone, and call.  No more waiting for email responses.

It’s only Monday, Mike… it’s only Monday.