3:37pm, out of house and trying to set an appointment for tomorrow.

The stress of sales is finally getting to me in a visible way.  And if not visible, just present and molecular.

Wine was never like this.  Well, I don’t know if I’d say never, but close to.  Or just different.  What’s the wine for tonight. Pinot last night not doing much… well, it was perfect for the moment but I’m looking for discernable music.

Having an early glass of SB here at Steele & Hops, laptop out, other AE’s messaging each other and I’m trying to ignore.  Not from anger, just a necessity of momentary distance.  What am I doing for dinner tonight, more than likely something at Oliver’s.  Keep it simple.  Pair with the wine, as best you can.

“Never too high, never too low.”, the director told me said to me once, telling me he had a post-it or note pinned to his office wall years ago as a reminder.  Easy to say, and even easier to pin that goddamn note on your wall.  Too old for these ups and downs.

Have an idea, wine-tied.  Not writing here.  SB to me speaks, teaches.