Park Mars

Was going to take a quick nap but cleaning crew showed early, which I completely did NOT expect.  So here I am in office.  Site visit at 11 in Rohnert Park with SE and an ASE, Associate Sales Eng’.  Thought about breakfast but decided against, came straight to office.  Sipping sparkling water, chewing gum.  Had latte this morning but other than that holding to fast.  Don’t think I’m running today of course with the heat but as well from soreness of speed work last two days.

Emma this morning talking and talking on the way to camp, excited for everything and telling me how many girls are in her group versus how many boys.  Jackie staying pretty quiet, just enjoying the music.  9:11am now, and so thankful I didn’t lay down and succeed in a power nap.

Did quite a bit of prospecting and canvassing yesterday, set two phone appointments for self, and a lunch with an IT partner.  Franchetti’s on North Dutton.  Haven’t been there since before covid.  Time still has odd flavor and shape to it. How long it’s been since I’ve done something, and what it felt like before all this was THIS.

More people in office, me thinking of projects and how my neighbor and new buddy Anthony, a beer guy, is not touching beer or anything with ABV till after his bike race in July.  Of course I’ve thought about the same with wine, how my character would be affected….  Maybe tonight I start.  I mean, REALLY do it.

Not sure what it is, but then… I now thoroughly what it is….  But my happiness this morning is roaring.  Soaring, frankly.  Have the same sense that Kerouac did when he said his life was a vast glowing page and he could do whatever he wanted.  That’s me now, know.  How did I get here… how do I maintain it?  How do I amplify and magnify, intensify and diversify this ME.  Keep writing… stay in music.  

Saw an interview I think yesterday with this one artist where he said he wrote his verse for this one song quite quick – that he didn’t think he just did it.  This too is in my character for this morning and day ahead.  Last week I started construction on one idea, and this week another…

Gum losing its flavor, water getting low.  Can’t hear a single voice in this building….  No need, the connectedness is present.  New Composition.  What’s the first thing I do…. Call the Los Angeles guy who’s a little difficult, and snappy.  He can wait.  Not going to be an enjoyable call, as the news I have for him he won’t like.  Can’t fight reality, so after this post I’ll ring.  Taking a couple steps back today, observing… how I want to be seen, how to attract business rather than go fishing for it.

So, so happy I didn’t take that nap.  I can’t say it enough.  No time to sleep when there’s business to build, writing to do, possibilities with which to converse.  Like I’m on another planet, am another Me, in some new story, seeing new shapes and feeling new air.  Closer to my There.