10:04, up from nap, won’t lie.

Refusing to leave this fucking chair.  Getting done what I need to which is start more conversations and generate MY leads.  Fill the AE notebook that I started yesterday with one of the Comp Books.  Cup of coffee made here in home, right.  Keep caffeine in the bloodstream  I tell myself.

Call at 11 with a recent inbound lead.  Meeting at 1 for mid-month check-in.  Garbage truck outside making itself known.  Same with me, I say.  Make self not just known but seen…. I see it as cracking a code, this generation of my own leads.

Music waking me, as is this cinnamon dolce cup.  What can I get done in the next hour… not think about what I can get done and just DO something.  Leads lined up, cards.  Send emails, then what else… #prospectingesk challenge to self.  Where’s journal?  Don’t write it down, only write after you’ve done something.

In a post-nap blindness.  It’ll pass, just keep writing.  Email everyone you can, in and out of territory.  Note on calendar just made for tomorrow’s site visit with Ditter.  Some WiFi potential with this one, maybe.  Again, just potential, meaning he voiced some interest over the phone yesterday when on the conference call.

Laptops not leaving house, traveling light from now on, every time.  Wrote that int he AE notebook yesterday, just need practice it.  Dust on mind and physical form for some reason, not sure because of the nap.  Who knows.

So with the state open, now what.  Don’t think about it.  Email comes in from HR Director.  Wasn’t going to read it right away, but I can’t resist.  What’s going to change at the office… are we all moving back in?  Let me see, read….  Like I thought, nothing really changed.  Cal OSHA overrides the state, that’s what we have to follow?  Did I read that right?  Honestly I don’t care.  Going into my day and after what I want…

Okay… about to send first email.  No more than two lines, just making self available.  Prospecting is going to be a word, soon, that I’ll no longer use.  Getting out there, talking, meeting people…. Need to change this somehow.  That could be what’s happening, I’m coming down with a complacency hue, curse.  Kill it before it gallops everywhere.