Thought 2

img_0759Start earlier.  I know mornings suck, but start earlier.  Wake up earlier.  As early as you can, and just start.  Whatever you do as a business person or creative, writer or blogger, or student, just start.  And use everything around you as material.  I’ve always offered to students, “Every moment is a standalone piece.” Like me right now, in this shared adjunct office, bland as shit with its colors and the file cabinets, this shaky and noisy only desk of I don’t know what material…. There’s a story here.  I arrived on campus just before 7, even though the activities for this ‘teacher-in-service’ day or whatever don’t start till 9, I think.  Or 8:30—  Doesn’t matter.  You determine when your day starts and you declare where it’s going to go.

Like my father has always said, “You have to bring yourself to this.” By ‘this’ I mean such a determined ardor and attitude, and refusal to have life any way other than how you envision.  But, start with starting earlier.  If you’re not a morning person, make yourself one.  See what happens.  I woke this morning around six, but I’ve always wanted to start earlier.  When?  4am.  Why not?  Imagine how it would change your character, how much you could get done…. How much you could sketch, write, draw, paint, exercise more…. More hours awake means more productivity and, I’ll say again, the change will gift you with something.

Yes, mornings can be painful, awful, but fight back!  Earlier, start your story earlier.  If it’s true that all moments are like their own short-short stories, or autonomous pieces of art, then why not have more?  Who knows what’ll happen?  Why not find out?  Me, only 8:08am, and I’m easily over a thousand words.  You?