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img_07583 pages a day.  Needed for my sanity.  So many directions– I always shun patterns and routine but maybe that’s just what this writer needs.  Having a collective pause after some outreach for a winery owner friend of mine, then getting son’s birthday gift.  Five.  He’ll five.  How.  Why.  That alone has me ablaze with urgency.  I need every objective accomplished immediately.  The company… my books… traveling… indie teaching.  My wine shop and own label.  Everything.  Have writing to do for a client tonight so I escape to this Whole Foods tap room to sip an IPA, slowly, and write with just as much discretion.  Or, writing with less discretion and more sped sweeps than I sip.  Actually, I just forgot the glass was even there…

Day after he turned five and I’m in the office on campus, promising an “epic” day.  So many use that word, “epic”… ‘This is going to be epic’, or ‘awww, that’s epic!’ Today, there will be immediate and materialized progress.  Make yourself do something.  If you’re tired of something or some state, then stop it.  Stop doing what you’ve been doing, completely.  7:24 presently and I have the whole day.  Have writing to do for a client… should jump on that now, right?

Just did.  Now back to MY work.  Me as a brand… You as a brand, reader…. How do we as creatives want to be seen?  In the 3 pages for this day, I need results.  At the end of the day I need to feel forwarded.  On a path—  Well, I am on a path, just on another path, or the same path but with some additionally cosmic promise.

One thing I realize I’ve been doing all my life is not thinking big enough.  Of course I dream, and pulse ‘oh wouldn’t it be nice to…’, but today, drawing, at the drawing board, with coffee always on right, I’m seeing more.  My Dharma is nearer than near.  Why, I’m thinking bigger than I ever have…. 13 days, 3 months, I’ll be 38.  Two from 40.. so, READER: we need to move QUICKER, think so much BIGGER.  My advice, to you and I:  JUST GO.  You already are what you’ve always wanted to be, so keep thinking that way, and thinking bigger.

In many ways, today is like a birthday for me.  New me, new measures, strides, only assured to accent new results.  Urgent, ablaze…

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