6:55am Already up and with latte. 

Mike knows that today is to be brilliant, revealing and a much of late demanded redirection of things.  Not sure how precisely, but he knows. At his desk, the small irritating off-triangle table that fits too perfectly in the corner.  Like it was punishing humor, or complimenting his ability o write and now come upContinue reading “6:55am Already up and with latte. “


Doing everything different this month.  Right now I’m on the couch in the living room, if that’s what you call this room, and typing.  Not at the small desk in the “office” as always.  6:58, had a little sip of the coffee I made last night. Working from home today.  No Field visit.  Going toContinue reading “7/1/20”

from a journal

On a day off.  One lazy.  Now with some time to self and some Sauvignon Blanc poured, I think of the week ahead of me even though I don’t want to.  And the semester I won’t teach this summer.  Or the semester I won’t teach at the JC.  Choosing to write in complete silence, orContinue reading “from a journal”


Learning that there are not many places to take my teaching practice.  The only option, truly, is to start a school or some writing and reading camp or cove of my own.  This morning my meditation is curved, or cracked, something.  Mood, off.  Writing yesterday but only in Kerouac journal, at lunch.  Today, cannot letContinue reading “5/31/19”


Santa Rosa, Ca.  East Wind Bakery. Feeling the ten miles.  Already finished a 4-shot latte so no caffeine ordered here.  Surprised I made myself actually do it, order a bottle of water.  Going into work later, close to 11.  Brentwood again, and again tomorrow, day next, and next week.  Which I don’t mind, at allContinue reading “2/21/19”


Been writing in more than one place for the ’19 story.  Oh well I say to myself with another glass of sparkling, Jackie over there playing on the tablet my mom and dad bought him this past xmas.  Nothing I’m writing lately I’m liking.  Certainly not loving.  So what’s the bandage for that?  One partContinue reading “1/6/19”

Three days left in year.  Today counted.  Coffee in nook at work.  Break before work, or work before work depending on how it’s looked at.  As I noted yesterday, again I caved, having lunch at a nice spot actually on I believe 4th and Balboa— sorry, 5th and Balboa.  Don’t regret the chicken sandwich andContinue reading


Semester ending this week.  English 100 tomorrow.  End of weekend, and so what it doesn’t matter I’ve been working at, away at, some project Friday and yesterday anyway.  Now, before bed, I’m seeing my office as more than mandated and decreed now, since today on an errand with little Kerouac telling him that one dayContinue reading “12/16/18”