Thought 3

Make today one of the most creative days of your life.  And don’t tell me you’re not creative.  Everyone’s creative.  And not just “to some extent”.  No, everyone is creative.  You’re a CPA, a lawyer, doctor, truck driver…?  You’re creative, or can be, with how you approach your day, how you plan it, how you actuate your duties and how well you do.  Creativity solves everything.  I will say this till not here anymore.  When you exercise creative acts and solve problems creatively you’re expending your identity in what you do, and your principle identity as a Human Being.  This is something I’ve only learned recently, and yes I may be a bit excited to share it with you, but I couldn’t believe it more fiercely if I tried.  There’s something blocking you, or troubling you, you have some issue to solve?  The more creativity you introduce to the moment and the existential transaction, the more probable a quick and thorough, the more definite, a solution will find you.

Bored?  Get creative.  Make your moment not-boring.  Make it exciting.  Make it crazy.  Make it a party.

In a bad mood?  Channel it.  Use the frustration or anger against itself.  Do just the opposite… be kind, and loving, and positive with everything around you.  Yes, you have to bring yourself to this state, and want it.  But, why wouldn’t you want it?  Letting your shorter-than-short, cruelly curt time on this plant dissolve into anger or boredom, bitterness or anything not creatively ablaze is insanity, to me.  Test yourself.  Shock yourself.  Treat yourself to a new story and scope.