English 5, officially done.  

And it was just as I thought, saddening.  Three of my more diligent, and yes favorite students, stayed back with my, one of them gifting me a one-sentence-a-day journal.  “The Happiness” project.  So excited to start it and she, ’N’ explained her rationale behind getting me the journal, with my focus on and emphasis of singularity and standalone sentences, and that every moment is a standalone piece.  We all talked, entertained a book club, and writing group, sending each other pieces here and there…  We don’t want the term to end.  And like I wrote the other day, it doesn’t have to.  Just wrote my first sentence:  “Teaching, teaching makes me happy.” Seeing a new place and value in being a teacher, and it’s a direct precipitation and fruition of the English 5 class.

With the day’s remainder, I’ll run, write, hopefully rest— oh, but the 1A class meets at 1.  Sooooo…..  I should leave here at 9:30, get home and launch from house, come home, shower and rest, and maybe eat, then off to 1A.

Now sipping the coffee in the tumbler, what I made last night.  Had a little of the coffee from the ‘traveler’ from sbux, what I picked up this morning at that godawful hour—  But it wasn’t that horrible, I have to say.  One of the ‘5’ students, ‘J’, who usually never raises his hand, said when we re-grouped to discuss the in-class writing we did this morning, to one prompt particularly, addressing the early hour we had to meet today, said he was up at 5AM anyway, carrying over from the night before with writing and editing energy.. “Creative juice,” as he told me privately, “I was up late working on everything already, you know?  So I just picked up where I left off,” he cemented.  So where is this writing teacher ‘leaving off’?  With an amazing experience teaching, more motivated than ever that this is what I am, what I’m designed to do, and I will write my entire career as an educator.  Always ask my students, “What are we walking away with today?” For me, for the semester: “To finish the piece.  To follow-through with my aims… acquire that scene of me on the Road, teaching, traveling, exchanging and developing ideas with eager thinkers.” I was taught something this semester, how to teach better.