9:20… And I’m 

Ready for sleep– BED.  But I meditate down on the first floor of the Autumn Walk Studio, enjoying my Cabernet and meditation.  My first inclination was to break out the laptop and fly at the keys.  But after this morning’s meeting and its gravity, the 1A close which was equally as momentous then my 5 mile run…  I need quiet, this first floor.  Just put little Kerouac down for his night.  And I’m sitting on the floor with legs crossed, running shorts on and my Durcher Crossing shirt (thrown on as J got my running short wet).  I deserve to do nothing, as I’m told other writing  dads require.  Can’t believe the semester’s over…  More wine.

Ordered books for summer, and now I have to plan while grading all these submissions, then work 8 hours a day at the winery, five times a week.  Love that property, the job, even tidying the bathrooms.  But I receive no praise in wine’s world as I do from students.  This tells me something.  Mom agrees–  so, move next.

1st move, more of my words in French–  Les changements, les changements pour moi!  (Changes, changes for me!). The only way I can be, with Newness’ grip–  Air conditioning  activates, and I’m…..

More relaxed, looking down at the Govino my wife bought me.  One more glass, more meditation, more resistance to sleep, no matter how poised I am to fall to sheets and that bloody amorous pillow.
Note:  Jack not wanting me to leave at bed. He telling me repeatedly how much he loves his ‘Dada’…