on campus

Done with 3 pages.  2nd day I’ve done that.  3pages a day.  Tired from 5+ mile run with Carmen in heat.  In castle, AC harmonizes, or tries, with this song.  Glass in kitchen, forcing the writer to slowly sip.  Thankfully, no bee barrage on Lawndale.  Still don’t understand what happened there, that day.  So relaxed, with this sitting.  Hoping to run again tomorrow–  Ugh, just repeating 3pg content.

This wine, needed rest.  At least this bottle, not palate-ready.  Hopping into kitchen for ‘nother sip, be back…  Perpetuating my calmness, these gentle pours.  Thinking of Paris, that trip in ’09.  The hotel, the view, those writings I’d do while Alice was asleep.  See?  I’m always writing.  I AM obsessed.  So why am I not on Road, in my office?  Think I’ve finally found answer in this 3PAGEaDay habit.  And that’s how I’ll forever it write.  I hate ‘3pg/day’.  Looks so sterile, so office-like, “professional.” And how is it Literary, or even really written if it’s abbreviated?

10:47pm.  Getting tired.  May break, turn news on.  But then a song steps shyly through speakers, reminding me nights in that hotel lobby, in Paris.  If I were there alone, on a Self-imposed writing assignment.

Days lecturing at SSU.  Could have done better, sure, but I was still in pedagogical infancy.  Now, I’m a professional– no take that term away.. I’m confident, assured that I do what I do correctly, effectively.  Not sure what brought me to remembering those days, but I am.  Probably ‘cause I went there only 6 years prior to me beginning my instruction.  Those days on campus.. where I only wrote spoken word, basically.  Did a little fiction, for class, then a little Personal Essay work, for Sherril’s class.  But poetry, song, was my focus.  Time, with another victory in this recall.  I’m aging.  Fighting with whatever sentences, rhymes I can gather.