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Up.  8:14 at keys.  14 mins past when I wanted.  Working today, behind main bar, doing 11:30a MT tour.  So quiet in condo, present.  Would love to call in right now, think of some excuse.. so I can just get done what I last night didn’t.  Didn’t clear off desk, didn’t satisfy even one objective last night.  Decided I’d take it off, make a few notes, thoughts recorded.. here, there…  I DID, though, open the ’09 Lancaster Estate Cabernet.  Just as wooing as I thought it’d be.  Only had a glass.  And intentionally so.  Want to see how it keeps over 24 hours in opened bottle.

All day today, if I can.. verse, rime, poem.  Wrote one day yesterday, before the day really ignited, but that was it.  Coffee machine, troubling me, refusing to work quick, so I can back to office, to this newly clear desk.  Everything on floor around me, a bit on bed.  Tonight, disposing of probably 50% of what I’m looking at.  Less is healthy, less is writing space, less is all for us, Writers.  Not even sure I need that ‘blood coffee’ 

8:20am.  Measuring 35 minutes more at this desk.  Then, departure.  [going down to check on coffee machine.. hate that I have to chase yet another device’s linear functionality, or hope thereFOR]  Brewing as I speak.  Another sprint up those stairs.  Today will be my 3rd straight day of no running, which bothers this new obsessiveness with my speeded interval-ing that closely rivals how I live in envelopment with my pages.  Time to go back down, get cup.. challenge: think of rime in that quick dash.. down, up, then seated.

down, up repeated

in a frown stuck, but consciousness interceded

This coffee, like palate eroticism.  So comforting, encouraging.  Don’t want to sip too fast, then she’ll be gone–  And speaking of she.. Kelly.  My character, back in recent notes.  Not sure where they’re going, how they develop, what they’re in my little notebook for, but she’s in vision, again.  Wonder what she’s painting.

IF she’s fiddled with writing, as she said she might.

8:28.  Maybe I SHOULD call in.  But what excuse could I muster?  “Hey.. it’s Mike.  I’m a father, you know, and I need a day with my son.  So there…” No, not the best meter to that dialogue, nor tonal shape.  I’m going in, nevermind.  It’ll be nice to see mountaintop today anyway.  Should be gorgeous up there.  Not sure how many reservations we’ll have, it being Father’s Day, but I hope I have a tour at 1130.. need more characters.  Only ones I have captured from yesterday: “two girls, 20s, on holiday from AZ, asking great questions about wine.. took pic with, before departure..”

Wall.  Only in head.  Plenty to write.. day’s TOTAL agenda brings with it visit to Mom & Dad’s for dinner.  Slow oeno-intake, when there.  Need to come home and have a night antithetical to 12 hours ago.  And, I want to ‘revisit’ that ’09 LE Cab.

Would love to find a way to get even this printer off desk’s top.  Want total space to Self.  I’ll even invite this troublesome laptop up here.  From time to time.  Sipping rest of coffee, readying Self for day, for material.  

Also tonight: READ in BOOK.  Has to be out before 7/20.. both book1 and the b4-7/20 release.

Just realized, Mr. Shakur would have been 42 today.