Just noticed the word processor icon, in this devil laptop, self-symbolizes as an old ballpoint pen, miniature ink carafe; the pen leans against the carafe, as if typing on this ‘thing’ is the same as throwing ink at a page, in old days.. ACTUALLY writing.  Anyway…  Today’s run: 6.71 miles in 54:31; pace, 8:08/mi.  Wanted to do more, hit 7.14 miles as I did the other day, but I started to cramp, right side, mid-back.  Not running tomorrow, but aiming to do a 3-4 miler Saturday morning, 5am launch.. meaning I wake at 4:40, or 4:45am.  Have to start Saturday strong, as that night’s my writer’s retreat.  Don’t think I’m going to Monti’s again, but rather that burger place on 12, close to Roberto’s.  OR, I could visit Oliver’s.  Don’t overthink, writer.. keep all simple.

Plans to read more of book1, maybe add another poem, maybe.  Today at winery, not much to report.  Quite proud of Self, not sipping a single thing.  Not even the ’12 Gerwurztraminer that was brought out at shift’s close.  ’12 Rosé close to selling out, so I picked up 6 bttls.  If I had my own office, it’d just come out of wine buying budget.  Thinking I need to write more about wine, more directly.  It’s fine if I want to minimize media, but I have to be more consistent with my address, analysis of wines, wine’s world.  Speaking of, time to revisit that ’09 Merlot, about 24 hours later. Saturday night, opening a Pinot, and one of those ’09 Lancaster Cabs.  And don’t think I’ve forgotten about the OFFblog log.  I’ll be revisiting that as well.

Want to watch a writing movie, but I have to stay in chair, as I tell students.  Fall.. the semester meant to change everything– slight pain in shoulder, from run.  Yes, definitely need day off tomorrow, from my meditative jaunts.  […]  Just visited the OFFblog log.  Felt amazing, to truly freely write.  On this devil blog, I have to hold back.  Forbid I’m ever my true Self, expressing opinion about anything in wine’s laughable industry element.

Just poured my glass.  On nose, less evident notes, but on palate.. an orchestra.  All the way to finish.  Can’t wait to revisit my wines.  Excited to see what ’13 yields, my way wields.  Those Chardonnay grapes on the hillside, this morning while setting up for someone else’s tasting, one of the vineyard bosses hosting people from Spain hoping to get a piece of the California wine market.. beautiful, actually pulling a smile from my “professional” mask, those little grapes, losing their littleness.

2nd sip, even more musical.  Have to finish tonight.  And there’s not that much, so it won’t be too taxing on the writer.  That run, now starting to slow my types.  Have to continue.  Waking up with little Kerouac tomorrow morning, giving Ms. Alice a chance 2sleep in.  Have to be pinpoint with my interactions, as he increases in his speed, accuracies.  Still can’t believe how fast my little Artists walks.  Time, with another victory, reminding me I can’t get away from its enclosure.