chocolate stock process

Committed to Comp Book 2nite.  My Life, my choice.  A VIP tour, earlier, then back in tasting Room.  Tasting Sam’s wines, back at his home lab.  Have to be frank, I enjoyed all of them, and I have even more respect for him as a sovereign oenologist.  9:50p, at home, my “Friday” night.  Need to get to Road, my office.. that’s the only obsession I have in Life, if any.

My friend, a winemaker, on the road, for two weeks or so.  You already have an idea of how much travel intermingles with my writing aim.  Tonight’s wine, twisting my focus, but it’s fine.. I’m off to Comp Book after this typed sitting.  10:01 on microwave clock.. why does that time look funny?  Anyway, Grandma still on family’s mind.  Still seems odd she’s not here with us.  Watching that footage last night, the forgotten interview I did with her in ’11, or ’10.  Hard to palate, this new scene set without her step.

Racking barrels on Wednesday.  Not sure how that’ll influence my wines.  Wonder if they need acid adjustment, and I only think that, or entertain it, after sitting in on an acid trial with Blair today, in lab.  Now, I’m only thinking about wine, the priority and stress surrounding bottling.  Maybe we’ll get more thunder, lightening tonight, and that’ll tell me where to write.  How should schedule my release intervals.

Again, no running today.  Tomorrow, no fail.  Hoping for 4 out, 4 back.  Was so odd last night, being woken by those cloud sparks, atmospheric grumbles.  Thought I heard one this morning, when playing with Jack in his Room.  Already thinking of morning coffee, how I’ll use it to writer’s advantage.  These next 2 days off, have to work for me.  Again, by summer’s end, have to have Self in different space, for Literary place.  The pattern’s set to be pummeled.