Cared, Full

New rule:  No photos on blog, anymore.  Just spent ten minutes waiting for phone to “sync” with this stupid laptop, so I could attach a small picture to last night’s entry.  Waiting for pictures to “upload” or “sync” or “post” is NOT writing.  So.. bx is only a writing spot, 4ever.  On walk with Alice & Kerouac, thought about Grandma, her closing words with me.  “It’s Your Life, You have Your Choice.” I capitalize for emphasis, respect to her insight.  On the path, walking back to domicile after defeating the Woodview hill, I thought about simplicity, the bluntness of that paved path I was on.  Yes there were some slight bends, curves, but it’s straightforward, leading to ONE place.  More pen2paper, I thought.. which I have been doing.  More short posts to bx; finish books, that’s what makes you a writer– the blog doesn’t, no matter how “Literary” it is.  It’s a blog, a web log, dependent upon the internet, its functionality, the device for access.  A Comp Book merely needs me, the ink, ideas.  Pretty soon, I won’t even use Comp Books.. want to go back to legal pads, like I started using in late ’08.

Kerouac, so fast now with his walking.  He sits over there, by the little sofa chair we bought him for xmas, talking to me in his own perplexing pidgin.  He looks out the window now, seeing only this lingering grayness.

Going to café in a couple hours, when Alice returns from meeting, to begin formal work on Fall Semester.  So much I want to get done in these 2 days off.  Car wash, haircut, order books, pickup SRJC check.. so much.  I’ll place book orders next week, or email them– No, would rather order in person.  So maybe I should just do it today, then.  NO, don’t rush.  Just start with the lectures.  1A, Poe..  5, Capote, his Portraits, Observations.  Don’t want to do too many short stories, as they too are structurally traditional, or can be, like the novel.  And I want students to appreciate the shorter, more unorthodox works disseminated by a penner.