Setting schedule for Self, new plan,  ban canned,
Demanding discipline, a certain vision spin, what written in
.. Begin on the right fin, swimming with
Sharks, hearing only cannon sparks,  darts in prosperous parts–
New bans on barks. Hard 2concetrate,
With a squandered fate. Forsake what’s
Late, readjust dates, at the gate of slates.
No interest in continuing session.. This must
B some kind of lesson, I’m with a mind in
Resin. Quite unpleasant. Thoughts destitute,
Arrested rouse. Fury forwarding in 2’s.
Consolidate my whole day into a song,
I’ve been through the gong, attack back
With 3 to 6 prongs.. Care less if I’m wrong–
Artist extremist. Critics never me ended.
Prose & poetry police think they have me apprehended,
but I’ve ascended.